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Interior Wall Insulation

Interior thermal insulation advantages

  • Building with special exterior finishes.

  • Building with intermittent air condition.

  • Insulation of existing buildings.

Interior Wall Insulation

For the internal lining extruded or expanded polystyrene can be used either with the help of adhesives or by mechanical fasteners.

Internal lining can be recovered either by gypsum plaster boarder by wire mesh fixed fastener and normal plaster.

Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity wall insulation is of advantage where an exterior brick finish is required and for both periodically and permanently air conditioned buildings.

Interior Plaster Structural wall (usually brick).the wall should be smooth and clean. Extruded or Expanded Polystyrene boards are installed with long edge horizontal and fixed to the inner wall either mechanically, with the aid of wall ties or bonded along the board joints with a suitable adhesive. The outer brick wall and inner wall are connected with wall ties local building practices should be observed for wall tie specifications.

Cavity Wall Insulation

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