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POLYFEPS Super is an Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is made by QIF since 1985 and to among the raw material employed for cost-effective construction as well as efficient packing. EPS is a lightweight plastic material suitable for wide range of building insulation applications. These granules translate into a constant high quality of the product and processes.

POLYFEPS Super need less hours and smaller air conditioner capacity to make room comfortable and reduce great amount of heat transmission going inside the building. Therefore it reduces the electricity consumption as well. POLYFEPS Super works for both hot and cold climates.

Product Description Brand Dimension Applications
Expanded Polystyrene Insulation Boards POLYFEPS Super (Fire Rated) Sheet Size
10mm to 500mm
Thermal Insulation Boards for Cavity Wall
Under Floor & Roofing Insulation
Horde / Void for Fillers & Packaging & Marine Applications

Usage of EPS

EPS is widely used due to the outstanding characteristics such as light weight, excellent shock absorption, very low water absorption, durability, strength; organic material does not deteriorate with age. Therefore EPS provides high performance in their products.

The exclusive usage of the EPS is as the insulation material for building insulation (roof, floor and specially wall), cool stores and freezers.


EPS is free of CFC or HCFC and environment friendly. It is inert and safe for building products where if fire resistance is required. EPS is available with flame retardant which is normally used to prevent ignition of the EPS if exposed to fire.

Properties of POLYFEPS Super

  • Excellent thermal insulation capacity
  • High compressive strength
  • Outstanding impact absorption
  • Low weight
  • Imperviousness to moisture
  • The lifetime of the building remains durable
  • Excellent environmental and sustainability credentials
  • Variety of size & thickness which suits specification requirement
  • Easy to install, cut & handle
  • Non-toxic and biologically inert
  • Less noise penetrating from outside
  • Available with flame retardants
  • Does not contain CFC’s VOC’s.
  • POLYFEPS Super is Fire Rated Product

When used as below-grade insulation in building construction, EPS insulation is one component in a system whose purpose is to minimize heat loss and, in turn, energy consumption in that portion of the building envelope. As with any product, the successful use of EPS insulation depends upon its correct installation in accordance with good building practice.

Material properties required for the selection of the correct EPS insulation product for below-grade applications and performance characteristics; please refer to Data Sheet of Expanded Sheets.



Wall Insulation

Expanded Polystyrene Boards are widely used for wall insulation. The most important function of Expanded Polystyrene Insulation Boards when use cavity wall insulation is, it is controlling water vapor transmission and heat loss. Due to its thermal properties, POLYFEPS Super can be used as the main insulating method of buildings. POLYFEPS Super can be placed against the inner vertical surface and secured with wall tiles or bonded with a suitable adhesive method. POLYFEPS Super responds rapidly to heat input and good standard of comfort.


  • Exterior Insulation
  • Interior Insulation
  • Cavity Insulation
  • Insulation behind curtain walls
  • Insulating concrete forms

Void Formers

POLYFEPS Super void formers are the best solution for concrete slab fillings or the precast concrete products. It provides the support to the slab, thermal insulation, reduce effects from soil movements and lowering the amount of concrete required. POLYFEPS Super void formers are light weight and quite appreciable load bearing capacity which are strong enough to bear the load of concrete on it until it settles and solidified. The strength and the durability can be achieved for the concrete architectural shapes using void formers. The voids can be removed after the structure took the required shape or voids can be left in place without causing any risk to the bridge or the building or whatever the application voids were used. POLYFEPS Super Void formers are cost effective and quickens the construction work. Moreover, a good insulation can be achieved because of natural air pockets in the expanded polystyrene blocks.


  • Road Construction
  • Road Widening
  • Bridge Abutment
  • Bridge Underfill
  • Culvert and Pipeline
  • Compensating Foundation
  • Rail Embankment
  • Landscaping and Vegetative roof
  • Retaining / Buried wall backfill
  • Slop Stabilization
  • Stadium and theater seating
  • Airport runaway / taxiway

Special Applications

Block Insert (Moulded Insulation Insert)

POLYFEPS Super Block inserts are a special product, coming with a special shape for insulating cement block bricks. These insulated cement blocks can accommodate many walls in a home. Their cores are filled with insulation (except for those cells requiring structural steel reinforcing and concrete infill), which raises the average wall R-value. The better concrete masonry units reduce the area of connecting webs as much as possible.

The hollow cores of cement blocks can be accommodated with POLYFEPS Super Block Insert.

With this pre-insulated block bricks, the building construction is simple just staking the blocks. There is no need of insulating the wall separately.

Block Inserts basically coming with Extruded or Expanded Polystyrene insulations. Based on the properties of each insulation material, block inserts can be selected.

POLYFEPS Super Block Inserts are available with different styles & different dimensions.



POLYFEPS Super boards are used for packing purposes as a special application. The few main reasons for POLYFEPS Super is the best for packing are; light weight, shock absorbent, strong, dust free, etc. POLYFEPS Super can be molded in various densities from 12 kg/m3 to 45 kg/m3 so that the appropriate density can be selected depending on what material is to be packed. It reduces the shipping cost as POLYFEPS Super is lighter than any other packing media like corrugated. Whatever the size and the shape of the package, POLYFEPS Super can easily be cut for the required size and shape. 



POLYFEPS Super boards are used as special application for the decoration works. Light weight and easy to cut to various shapes; POLYFEPS Super is used for various decorations.


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