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Polyfoam is extruded polystyrene boards manufactured from the best quality of general purpose polystyrene (GPPS). It is manufactured as a closed cells by a continues extrusion process in accordance with international standards of DIN (German Standard), BS (British Standard) & ASTM (American Standard). In order to achieve high standard quality, we have adopted latest technology. This process will guarantee unique properties such as high compressive strength, good resistance to the diffusion of water vapour and water absorption, long term performance and high insulating value.

Ployfoam Normal
Product Description Brand Dimension Applications
Extruded Polystyrene Rigid Insulation Boards POLYFOAM Normal (Non Fire Retardant) Sheet Size
20mm to 100mm
(32-35)kg/m3 – ND
(38-42)kg/m3 – MD
(45-48)kg/m3 – HD
Roof & Floor insulation
Filling Purpose


POLYFOAM Normal – ND (Density 32-35 kg/m3, Size : 1.25mx0.60m, Thicknesses 20mm to 100mm)

Applications of POLYFOAM Normal – ND : Walls and Roofs Insulation (Used for Roofs, Walls, Premier Insulation for Underground Construction and Cellar Outer Walls).

POLYFOAM Normal – MD (Density 38-42 kg/m3, Size : 1.25mx0.60m, Thicknesses 20mm to 100mm)

Applications of POLYFOAM Normal – MD : Walls, Roofs & Floor Insulation (used for Roofs, Cold Store Floors, Walls, Frost Protection, Swimming Pools and Ice Skating Rings, Parking Decks).

POLYFOAM Normal – HD (Density 45-48 kg/m3, Size : 1.25mx0.60m, Thicknesses 20mm to 100mm)

Applications of POLYFOAM Normal – HD : Roofs & Floor insulation (Used for Parking Decks, Low Temperature Space Floors, Thermal Insulation Beneath Storage Tanks, Thermal Insulation of Underground Storage Tanks, Subject to high surface or air pressure, Flotation application).


  • High Compressive strength
  • High resistance to diffusion of water vapour and water
  • Excellent shock absorption
  • Resistance to deformation and impact
  • Low material and installation cost
  • Simple to cut and shape
  • Light weight
  • Save energy (running cost)
  • Protection from moisture
  • Recyclable
  • Environment friendly

Fire Behaviour of POLYFOAM Normal (Non Fire Retardant)

Polyfoam Normal is produced using Butane Gas as blowing agent and therefore strongly be advised to keep the Polyfoam Sheets away from open flame and any ignition source.

Storage and handling

POLYFOAM should be stored in a clean flat area and kept away from open flames and other sources of ignition. When longer outdoor storage is forced, boards must be protected from ultra violet light by covering with brightly collared plastic sheets properly anchored down against wind effect.

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